09 February 2019 , 15:02

Top 3 most romantic cities for a city trip

Where are you taking your loved one with Valentine's Day? Have you thought about one of these cities yet?


You are Paris in the blink of an eye with the Thalys. From Amsterdam you are in Paris in 3 hours and 18 minutes! This creates plenty of time for you to taste the romantic atmosphere in the city of light. Go iceskating under the Eiffel Tower or take a walk along the Seine. Or how about a crepe in the streets of Montmartre? 


In Venice you can get lost in the romantic streets, but you can also enjoy a serenade of a gondolier who floats you through the narrow streets. You can also eat a pizza in one of the cute restaurants that Venice has to offer. Finally, the pink lamps on Piazza San Marco illuminate the square for an extra romantic atmosphere when you return to your hotel after a long day.


Let your heart be warmed by the romantic Bruges. Take a winter walk through the colorful, historic center of Bruges or visit the Arentshof or the courtyard of the Gruuthusmeseum. In the evening the lighting creates an intimate atmosphere there. As icing on the cake you can surprise your lover with some chocolate from one of the many chocolatiers in this lovely city.

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