22 June 2017 , 11:06

Top 5 Scenic Train Routes Switzerland

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Some say there is no boring train ride in Switzerland - even the regular routes offer great panorama’s, but hereby a arbitrary list of some of the highlights of Swiss train travel: 

Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is the maybe the most famous scenic train in Switzerland - and by reason. The slowest Intercity in the world from Zermatt to St Moritz travels through the Rhone valley.  Many bridges, tunnels and wilderness. Beautiful panorama’s ensured! 

Tip: book a lunch on board of the train! 

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Bernina Express 

Travel with this small train from Chur to St Moritz - passing a rustic Swiss mountain landscape with wooden farms, small villages and crossing bridges, viaducts while climbing a steep mountain pass. 

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Golden Pass 

Take the Golden Pass Line from Montreal to Luzern, crossing the heart of Switzerland. Beautiful train ride, big windows. 

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Gotthard Panorama Express 

Old connection from Luzern, crossing the Alps to Brig. First you take a boat, crossing the famous Vierwaldstattersee with steep mountains rising from the shores  to Fluelen, a small village. From here you change to the Gotthard Panorama Express which runs over the old mountain route to Brig.  

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Just a short ride from Luzern you find this cogwheel climbing the very steep Pilatus. The whole ride and of course at the top there are amazing views of the Vierwaldstattersee and the Alps. The Pilatusbahn is included in the Swiss Travel Pass.

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