15 May 2017 , 11:05

Top 5 Train Routes in Europe

Bernina Express 

The Bernina Express is a steep train ride from Chur passing a rustic Swiss landscap, crossing many bridges, tunnels and a high mountain pass and ending in St Moritz. The train itself is simple, but spacious and very relax. 


The most expensive train route in the world (if you calculate it per kilometer/mile) and very impressive: climbing up the very steep slopes of one of the highest and most beautiful mountains in Switzerland, the Jungfrau. At the top you have amazing views over the Alps. 


Impressive ride in Norway - in just 45 minutes the small trains climbs from Flam, a small village at the end of the Sognefjord, to Myrdal, high in the Norwegian mountains where you find snow year round. 


Cinqueterre are five villages beautifully built along steep hills at the Italian coast side and can only be reached by train! The ride is not so beautiful per se, because it’s mostly tunnel, but the destinations are the treasures of this trip. 


Take the night train from Stockholm to Jarvik and be surprised by the amazing landscapes when you wake up in Lapland. You fall asleep after hours of Swedish forest thinking this will never end and when you wake you see the surreal landscap of the north of Sweden.