Good to know

Eurail / Interrail


The Eurail pass must start on your first day of train travel.

Train Reservations

At HappyRail it is possible to book all train reservations you need, albeit only in combination with the purchase of a Eurail pass. The journey can also be left open, reservations can still be made at the station counter. For reservations that are impossible on the spot at the station counter, Happyrail is not liable.

Travel days

On a train pass with a limited number of travel days the travel days are written on the pass itself. All trains must be listed at the designated location on the cover of the pass.

Do not write down the travel days and trains in advance. If the itinerary changes and it is adjusted on the cover, the conductors may think that 'fraud' is being committed.

A travel day with the Eurail pass lasts 24 hours, from midnight to midnight (from 00:00 to 23:59). On every travel day you can take as many trains as you want. It is your responsibility to check that all journeys are within the validity of the Eurail Pass.

Night trains

If you are traveling with a night train, the day of departure (the day on which the night train starts driving) is the travel day on your train pass. You do not have to write down the day of arrival unless you change trains on that day or take other trains.

On the Eurail pass you write the day of departure in the cover of the train pass when you board the train. The journey as a whole (departure and arrival date) must fall within the total validity of the train pass.


With the Eurail pass you can travel freely by train in 31 European countries. On a number of private railways (such as in Switzerland) the pass is not valid at all or the pass gives a discount. The pass also offers discounts up to 100% on a number of boat and bus connections.

Booking the Eurail pass

The Eurail pass can be booked until the day of departure. No passport photo is required for delivery. However, certain information is required which is written in the passport of the traveler.

Travel document

A valid passport is required to purchase and use the Eurail.


Reservations made can not be canceled or changed.

During the trip no reservations can be booked or changed by HappyRail. That is only possible at the train station. Unused reservations will not be taken back and will not be refunded.

Station gates

With the barcode printed on the Eurail cover, the station gates in The Netherlands can be opened.