19 April 2019 , 15:04

Deutsche Bahn introduces new long-distance train: 'ECx'

From 2023, traveling between Berlin and Amsterdam will be even faster, more comfortable and more reliable than ever before.

This is what the Deutsche Bahn promises with the introduction of their new long-distance train, the ECx. From 2023, this new train will shorten the duration of the train journey between Berlin and Amsterdam by 30 minutes, making the journey only 5 hours and 50 minutes long. The ECx will also run on the tourist routes to Westerland and Oberstdorf.

A while ago, the Deutsche Bahn announced its plans to create more rail capacity. The first step has been taken with their application for 23 trains, with a total value of 550 million euros.

The proud Spanish manufacturer, Talgo, has made public that the new trains would have multi-system locomotives with a top speed of no less than 230 kilometers per hour. Each train will also exist of 17 passenger cars. A total of 570 passengers will be able to take a seat in the train: 85 in the first class and 485 in the second class.

Much of the ICE comfort will be found in the ECx: Wi-Fi on board, ample space for luggage, an on-board bistro and real-time passenger information. There will can be a lot of new innovations found  on the train. The access will be stairless and the floor height will be the same as the platform. The Deutsche Bahn hopes to set an example with this, so that in the future all trains will become 100% wheelchair-friendly.

It is still a while before the ECx will actually start running, but these promising outlook seems to be worth the wait.