25 February 2019 , 17:02

Direct and super fast with Thalys to Disneyland Paris

The parks of Disneyland Paris are even more comfortable to reach from The Netherlands from the 31st of March: with the direct Thalys. From that date, Thalys will travel back and forth twice a day between the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam and the Magical Kingdom.

The dual train service of Thalys makes a weekend Disney from The Netherlands ideal. Choose your departure early Friday morning and you'll be at the gates of Disneyland in only about 3.5 hours. On Sunday you book the late return journey and that way you have plenty of time to meet your friends at Disney.

Up to now, train passengers from The Netherlands have to switch trains in Brussels for the destination of the parks of Disneyland. Or one traveled by Thalys to Paris Gare du Nord and switched to a metro connection of about 40 minutes towards the parks.

Tip from the news editor: book your tickets early. The earlier booked, the cheaper the ticket is. The booking period for travel from 31 March to the end of July 2019 is already open.