08 March 2019 , 14:03

Large-scale work on the railways in Serbia

As of last month, no train traffic is possible between Budapest and Belgrade. The Serbian railways are engaged in large-scale work on the railway.

The aim of the work is to make it possible to carry out the timetable between cities at 200 kilometers per hour. Ultimately, the travel time between the two capitals must be even less than halved.

During the work, which is expected to last until the end of the 2019 timetable, a number of trains have been canceled. The two connections per day train and one connection per night train are reduced to only a single day train connection. The traveler also has change trains in the border town of Kelebia and in Novi-Sad (the second largest city in Serbia).

These unannounced activities have a major impact on train travel across the Balkans. For example, connecting train journeys between Vienna and Sofia are no longer possible. The advice is to travel via Zagreb to Belgrade. This railway has not been affected by the work.

On HappyRail, the new timetable will be fully updated again in due course, as soon as the railway companies involved have brought the work to an end.

Photo: Sandy beaches in Novi Sad on the bank of the Danube.