15 February 2019 , 13:02

'Traveling by train from Amsterdam to Berlin must be faster'

At the insistence of the Dutch House of Representatives, State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven (responsible for infrastructure) is looking at the connection by train between the capitals of Amsterdam and Berlin.

The state secretary checks once again whether the speed of the train can not go up. She also wants to know if more stations can be skipped. In advance she tempered the expectations. "I do not want to let the hope rise too much, and it has already been looked at," says Stientje van Veldhoven.

Her German colleague really wants to speed up the train route between the two cities, but that is not easy. Skipping stations in Germany is 'sensitive'.

At the moment, the train journey between Amsterdam and Berlin takes about 6.5 hours. The aim is to shorten the travel time by 40 to 60 minutes from 2025 onwards. There is a great interest in international train travel, given that it is more environmentally friendly than traveling by plane.