Panoramic Trains
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Panoramic Trains

Highlights Swiss Travel Pass

  • Glacier Express and Bernina Express
  • Gornergratbahn
  • Jungfraubahn 

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Swiss Travel Pass

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New: e-tickets 

E-tickets are possible for reservations for the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Gotthard Panorama Express and the Golden Pass Line. Select e-tickets in the payment step and we will send you the passes by e-mail within 1 working day. 

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  • Switzerland 2-6 days
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Registered Mail and Express Mail

To almost all countries in the world it's possible to receive Swiss Travel Passes by Registered Mail (€ 8 - € 25) or Express Mail (€ 60 - € 100) 

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Swiss Travel Pass & HappyRail - Reviews 

  • About the Swiss Travel Pass Consecutive
    "Booking tickets on the web was very efficient and the tickets were promptly delivered on the email. Their communication is also very quick in responding if you have any questions. Definitely the best company to book all the tickets in Switzerland"
    >> Swiss Travel Pass Consecutive

  • About the Gotthard Panorama Express and Glacier Express
    "I would like to personally thank Kevin for helping me plan my trip using the pass for the Gotthard and Glacier Express. His response to my queries helped me decide the best plan to enjoy both these panoramic trains. Thanks again, Kevin"
    >> Glacier Express / Gotthard Panorama Express

  • About the Swiss Travel Pass Consecutive
    "I used HappyRail recently for getting Swiss Travel Pass for me and my family. This is the best and fastest service I have seen for Swiss Travel Pass. I received the pass by email within 4 hours when all other websites including SBB required few working days to issue the pass. It was very helpful in my case as we were traveling on early morning next day and we were able to start using swiss travel pass from the airport itself. Thank you Happy Rail."
    >> Swiss Travel Pass Consecutive

  • About the Swiss Half Fare Card
    "Best prices on the web, extremely fast e-ticket receiving. Highly recommended, just for being so professional. Thank's a lot"
    >> Swiss Half Fare Card

  • About the Swiss Transfer Ticket
    "Very efficient, kept me informed personally as to potential delay due to Swiss public holiday and still received within 48 hours." 
    >> Swiss Transfer Ticket

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