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Romania by train

Romania is the train country par excellence of Eastern Europe. There is an extensive rail network in this country. With this network, Romania is even in fourth place in Europe when it comes to rail density.

Trains in Romania do not run particularly fast and therefore it is not always the fastest way to travel. However, the tickets are inexpensive and there are beautiful views from the train window on most routes.

Interrail One Country Pass

A European Rail Pass for European citizens...

With a Interrail One Country Pass Romania you can travel for a various days throughout Romania.

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Eurail One Country Pass

A European Rail Pass for non-European citizens...

With a Eurail One Country Pass Romania you can travel for a various days throughout Romania.

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Balkan Flexi Pass

The Balkan Flexi Pass is the ideal train pass for every traveler who wants to travel through the Balkan countries.

From the vibrant nightlife of Belgrade to small historic cities in Bulgaria. Daily direct international trains connect the most important cities in the Balkans. You can choose to book 3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 days within two months. The start date is determined when booking. From this start date you have the time to use the booked number of train days before the end date. These do not have to be consecutive.

This train pass can be purchased in both 2nd and 1st class. With this pass you can travel in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania (only the operator of Calatori Region), Serbia, Turkey and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The pass is issued on high-value paper tickets and will therefore be distributed to you by air mail.

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Rail Map - Balkan

Rail Map - Balkan

Major train routes in Hungary

Route Details
Budapest-Lake Balaton (Siofok) 
  • Around 10 daily direct connections
  • Distance 98km
  • Average journey duration 1h30min
  • Eight daily connections
  • Distance 107km
  • Average journey time 2h30min
  • Pro tip: particularly beautiful train route
  • 28 direct connections daily
  • Distance 221km
  • Average journey time 2h45min