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Group travel by train

Comfortable and on the move. Travelling by train is very different from travelling by airplane or bus. The train is dynamic. You can move around freely while watching the changing scenery from your window. When you travel by train, you are on the road together. Whether it's from London to ParisBerlin to Amsterdam, or Munich to Salzburg.

Train travel is ideal for both small and large groups. One train can transport 1000 passengersthat is equivalent to 20 buses. 

Through HappyRail you can book the most favourable group tickets in Europe and beyond. This includes tickets for the Eurostar, Thalys, ICE, Alpine Express, TGV, Renfe, Trenitalia, SNCF, DB, NS and more. The earlier you book, the cheaper the cost. Some group fares are available 10 months in advance.


Charter a private train

Think big and charter your own private train. Travel from London to Amsterdam, Paris to Berlin, New York to Boston, or any destination of your choice. Take a train through the Alps, or to see a Champions League match with all your friends and colleagues. It's cheaper than you might expect. As an independent travel agent we can search for the most comfortable and advantageous train offer.

Tailor the train to your specific needs. Choose first class or standard class, couchettes or sleeper compartments, dining cars and luggage compartments and much more. Just ask about available options!




Barlaeus Lyceum
Gemini College
Merewade College
Het Stedelijk Lyceum Zuid
Isendoorn College
Eerste Chr. Lyceum
Arentheem College
Marnix College
Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem
Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden
DS Pierson College
Friesland College
Bonhoeffer College Castricum
Chr. Scholengemeenschap Het Streek
Comenius College
Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen
Amstel Lyceum
Altena College
Lyceum Sancta Maria
Kon. Wilhelmina College
Adriaan Roland Holst College
Parcival College
Gem. Gymnasium Hilversum
Visser ’t Hooft Lyceum
Zernike College
Stedelijk Dalton Lyceum
Kennemer Lyceum
Erasmus College
St. Gregorius College
Het 4e Gymnasium
Scholengemeenschap De Grundel
Baudartius College
Gymnasium Felisenum
Arentheem College
Nova College
Montessori College Amsterdam
Isendoorn College
Adelbert College
Oostwende College
Anna van Rijn College
Bonaventura College
Frencken College
Corlear College
Ichthus College Veenendaal
Merlet College
Herbert Vissers College
Bornego College
St. Nicolaas Lyceum
Mare College
Haags Montessori Lyceum
Dollard College Winschoten
Stanislas College
Lentiz Flora College
Oostwende College