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At HappyRail we believe the fun should start before you step onto the train. Enjoy booking a ticket right where you are. No need to stand in a queue at the station or piece together a complicated puzzle between different providers.

Our mission is to make cross-border travel as easy as possible. We do that by providing one platform for all worldwide train tickets and rail passes. We want to take the stress out of your booking experience. Basically, whenever you book with HappyRail your reservation will be cheap, fast and super easy.

As of now, you can book train tickets to 35,000 destinations. And this is just the beginning. Our dream is to enable online reservation for train tickets from Lisbon to Ho Chi Minh, the world's longest rail journey at 17.852 km.

But wait, it gets better. We also offer all rail passes through one provider. Booking an InterRail, Eurail or Japan Rail Pass has never been this easy.

HappyRail. Making train tickets as easy to book as flights. It all begins here.

Countries More

  • Switzerland


    Switzerland is the #1 in Europe for rail travel. Beautiful rail journeys like the Glacier Express, Bernina Express or the Golden Pass. Trains in Switzerland are very punctual, clean and comfortable. For international train tickets cheap fares are available, Frankfurt-Zermatt from € 39, Paris-Geneve from € 29. Buy all tickets with HappyRail, the best way to order supersaver tickets to Switzerland. 

  • Denmark


    Travel to Copenhagen by train from Berlin, Hamburg or Copenhagen. Convenient high speed trains like the X2000 or the ICE International. If you book early cheap train tickets to Denmark are available. 

  • Sweden


    Take the high speed train (X2000) between Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg, Oslo and Copenhagen or one of the finest night trains in the world: Stockholm-Narvik. Fall asleep when the train runs through an endless forest, wake up in the surreal landscape of northern Sweden and Norway. 

  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

    Book all train tickets within Great Britain, from London to Manchester or Cornwall to York; and internationally from London to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. You can book also all railpasses in Great-Britain with us like Britrail, Eurail and Interrail 

  • Finland


    Finland by train: travel between Turku and Helsinki or from St Petersburg in Russia along the shores of the Baltic see to Helsinki; convenient night trains connect Turku / Helsinki with northern Finland. 

  • Norway


    Very comfortable trains and beautiful rail journeys, like from Oslo to Bergen or Myrdal to Flam. Often the cheapest option to travel through Norway is to buy a railpass like the Norway in a Nutshell pass or the Eurail / Interrail pass for Norway (or Scandinavia or Europe) If you book early prmotions are available. 

  • Italy


    Very fast trains between all major cities, like Rome, Milan, Firenze and Napels. Very cheap train tickets if you book early! Book also all railpasses in Italy with us, like Eurail and Interrail. If you need reservations in Italy you can book them with us!

  • Hungary


    Travel directly with the very convenient Railjet from Munich or Vienna to Budapest. Often there are cheap train tickets available, even if you book on short notice. 


  • Belgium


    Beautiful small towns like Bruges and Ghent, easy accessible by train. Visit major cities Brussels and Antwerp by fast trains from Amsterdam, London or Paris. 

  • Netherlands


    High speed trains from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Brussels, Frankrfurt, London and Paris. A convenient Intercity-connection to Berlin. Domestic trains are convenient and easy to take, very frequent departures, even to the smallest destinations. 

  • Germany


    Trains within and to Germany are in general very affordable, even if you book o short notice. Amsterdam-Berlin from € 39, Munich-Vienna from € 39, Hamburg-Copenhagen from € 29. Very comfortable ICE high speed trains. 

  • Spain


    Very convenient high speed rail network. Fast connections between Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla. Comfortable and puncual AVE-high speed trains. Cheap train tickets if you book early. 

  • France


    From Paris high speed trains to all major destinations in France, like Marseille, Avignon, Bordeaux, Lille and Lille. Also fast international connections to London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Barcelona, Geneve, Zurich and Cologne. Cheap train tickets are available if you book early. 

  • Czech Republic

    Czech Republic

    Travel by comfortable Eurocity-trains from Germany or Austria to Prague and beyond. Very cheap train tickets if you book early. Berlin-Prague from € 29. 

  • Poland


    Comfortable Eurocity-trains between Berlin and Warszawa. If you book early cheap train tickets are available. Domestic trains are convenient and run frequently between major cities like Krakow, Gdanks and Poznan. 

  • Austria


    Comfortable Railjet trains to Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg. Cheap international train tickets to Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, Venice and Berlin, starting from € 19.  

  • Russia


    Russia has an extensive rail network. All major destinations are connected by long-distance night trains. Travel from Moscow to Irkutsk in 4 days or to Vladiwostok in 7 or 8 days. Between Moscow and St Petersburg you can take the best night train in Russia ("number 1 and 2"), book 1st class to have a meal included. Also a high speed connection between the two biggest cities, the Sapsan.