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Mission HappyRail

From Lisbon to Ho Chi Minh City by train

At Happyrail we believe the fun should start before you step onto the train. Enjoy booking a ticket right where you are, no need to stand in a queue at the station or make a complicated puzzle through several providers.

Our mission is to make cross-border travel as easy as possible. We do that by providing one platform for all worldwide train tickets and rail passes at competitive prices. We want you to have the best booking experience. The ticketing process should be hassle-free as well. Basically, whenever you book with Happyrail your reservation should be cheap, fast and super easy.

Right now you can book train tickets to 35,000 destinations and this is just the beginning. Our dream is to enable the online reservation from Lisbon to Ho Chi Minh, the world's longest rail journey at 17,852 km.

Also new: all railpasses through one provider. Booking an InterRail, Eurail or Japan Rail Pass has never been this easy!