26 January 2019 , 12:01

The 5 best Interrail routes

The Balkan

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenergo, Albania

Although the Balkan is of course very large, the most spectaculair sights of it can be seen along the Adriatic coast. Start in Croatia and travel via Zagreb to Bosnia-Herzegovina, so that you can continue your journey to Montenegro and Albania. In Bosnia you travel from Sarajevo to Mostar via one of the most beautiful train routes in Europe. In Montenegro you can let yourself be surprised by Kotor with its UNESCO-protected old town. The capital of Albania, Tirana, you can't skip before finishing your trip.


Denmark - Norway - Sweden

In Scandinavia you can endlessly enjoy the most beautiful views from the train. For example, start in Copenhagen, Denmark and travel from this trendy city to Stockholm in Sweden. Then travel through the vast Swedish landscapes to the rugged landscapes of Norway and make a stop in the cozy Oslo. From there you can travel to Bergen via the train route which has been named by the Lonely Planet as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Mediterrané Europe

Spain - France - Italy - Slovenia - Croatia

If you're looking for some hot destinations, the best choice is the Mediterranean route. Here you start in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and from there you travel to Nice, where you can enjoy this French coastal town. If you are ready for a bit more culture, you can stop in Milan, but you can also just travel to Venice to enjoy all the romance there. To finish your journey you travel via the Slovenian town of Ljubljana to Croatia to enjoy a beer in Zagreb or Split. You can of course just continue to travel through Italy after Venice instead, because there's more than enough to discover there.

The Alps route

France - Switzerland - Austria

For those travelers who are looking for more peace and quiet, this route through the Alps is perfect. Start in the capital of France, Lyon so that you can travel to Switzerland after discovering this city. Through the most beautiful landscapes you travel through the Alps to Austria. Do not forget to stop in Geneva, Bern, Zürich and a ride in the Glacier Express on the way. You can conclude your trip in the cultural city of Vienna, but you can of course make nice stops in Innsbruck and Graz first. 

Unknown Europe

Bulgaria - Macedonia - Romania - Serbia

These are definitely the most undiscovered countries in the list. Time to discover it! From Novi Sad in Serbia you can start your journey and travel to Belgrade. From there you can easily travel to Bucharest in Romania. After Bucharest you can travel to Sofia and possibly do that via the interesting city of Plovdiv. You can then conclude your trip in Macedonia in Skopje, but you can of course also pay a visit to Albania.