Train reservations cross border

Seat reservations and night train reservations

Costs & overview

Train reservations cross-border in Europe

  • Eurocity/Intercity 
    Reservation = optional (recommended for long distance travel)
    Availability = unlimited untill train is full 
    € 4,50 in 2nd class and € 5,90 1st class
  • NightJet (night train in Italy and Central/Western Europe)
    EuroNight (night train in Central Europe and Scandinavia)

    Reservation = required  
    Availability = unlimited untill train is full
    €10-€20 p.p. for (reclining) seats, €20-€40 p.p. for couchette (bunk beds) or sleeping cars (€45-€105 p.p.)

  • Thalys (Paris-Brussels-Rotterdam-Amsterdam, Brussels-Cologne-Dusseldorf)
    Reservation = required
    Availability = limited for Eurail/Interrail passholders (in high season often sold out) 
    € 25 in 2nd class, € 35 in 1st class

  • RailJet (high-speed trains by OBB, Austrian Railways. Free wifi)
    Reservation = optional (recommended for long distance travel)
    Availability = unlimited untill train is full 
    € 4,50 in 2nd class and € 5,90 1st class

  • Eurostar (high-speed trains connecting United Kingdom with France/Belgium/The Netherlands)
    Reservation = required
    Availability = limited for Eurail/Interrail passholders
    € 30 in 2nd class, € 38 in 1st class

  • Thello (both day and night train services France <-> Italy)
    Reservation = required. Possible at the station only or directly through Thello's website
    Availability = Eurail/Interrail passes aren't valid on board these trains
    A discount to the full fare is applied upon showing your pass at the ticket booth

Rail Map - Europe

Rail Map - Europe