Train reservations in Slovakia

Seat reservations and night train reservations

Costs & overview

Train reservations in Slovakia

  • InterCity Slovakia
    Reservation = compulsory
    Availability = unlimited, untill the train is full
    € 4 in 2nd class and € 4 in 1st class

  • EuroCity (international)
    Reservation = optional (recommended for long distance travel)
    Availability = unlimited untill train is full
    € 4,50 in 2nd class and € 5,90 1st class

  • EuroNight (night train in Central Europe and Scandinavia)
    Reservation = required  
    Availability = unlimited untill train is full
    €10-€20 p.p. for (reclining) seats, €20-€40 p.p. for couchette (bunk beds) or sleeping cars (€45-€105 p.p.)

Rail Map - Southeast Europe

Rail Map - Southeast Europe