Shinkansen | High-speed train Japan

The "Bullet Train" of Japan: speeds of up to 320 km/h

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Shinkansen aka Bullet Train

General information

The Shinkansen, commonly known as the bullet train, is a network of high-speed lines in Japan. The term describes both the railway lines and the high-speed trains that run along those lines.

Almost on the entire network, Shinkansen travels on isolated tracks of other train traffic. This makes it possible to perform the train service for the Japanese Railways very punctually, almost without delay.

Ordinary Class or Green Class

Ordinary class (2nd class)

  • Comfortable seats
  • Carriages with reservation options and carriages for train travelers who have not made a reservation
  • Rotating chair, so you always travel in the direction of travel
  • Electric socket at the seat

Green Class (1st class)

  • Very comfortable seats with more legroom than in 2nd class
  • Reservations included with the ticket price
  • Peaceful atmosphere on board
  • More space for fewer travelers compared to 2nd class
  • Earbuds and music available at the seat

Traveling with your child on board Shinkansen

Child rate

Children up to and including the age of five travel free if they do not need their own seat. There are special discount rates for children aged six to eleven.

Pro-tip: Do you want a seat for your child under six years of age? Then you book a ticket as if he or she is already over five years old.

Boarding the Bullet Train

Process of coming aboard the Shinkansen

You pass automatic gates when entering a train station in Japan. If you travel with a Japan Rail Pass, you can pass the manned gate. The train carriages and doors are indicated on screens on the platform.

Tip: act like a Japanese train passenger and stand neatly in line for the train doors.

On board Shinkansen: Luggage rules

On board of the Shinkansen bullet train you can carry two pieces of luggage according to the official rule of the rail company Japan Rail. The total height + width + depth of each item should be less than 250 cm and the weight should be less than 30 kg per bag.

Bring your own pet on board Shinkansen


Small pets, including dogs, cats and birds, are allowed on board the bullet trains. Bear in mind that animals that go on a journey must weigh less than 10 kilograms and that these animals must be transported in a bag or box with a maximum total height and length of 90 cm together.

On board Shinkansen: Catering

Travel fully equipped

A catering trolley drives past your seat during the train journey. Bento and sushi boxes are available at all train stations.