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Rail Map - Austria

Rail Map - Austria

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Here at HappyRail we book all train tickets in Austria. Simply enter your departure and arrival station at the top of this page and select travel date/time and number of travellers.  We offer both domestic and international tickets.

 How to book cheap train tickets in Austria

  • Book as early as possibe
  • Train tickets are available 6 to 3 months in advance
  • Avoid booking trains running during rush hour
  • Travel very early in the morning or early in the afternoon

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Train tickets Europe

Domestic train tickets

Domestic train tickets are based on a fare per kilometre, a few examples: Salzburg-Graz: €73,80, Salzburg-Vienna, €58,40 and Vienna-Graz €41,40. All long distance trains offer both second and first class, regional trains second class only.

Sometimes a so called "Sparschiene"-fare is bookable, on popular routes. For example Innsbruck-Vienna from € 19.- per person or even less.

A seat reservation is not compulsory, but can be useful on busy travel times like weekends or holidays. Seat reservation is possible on Railjet/ICE/EC and IC-trains for €4,50 per person. Sales for domestic tickets start 6 months before travel date. 

International tickets

For international journeys from Germany there are “Super Sparpreis-Europa”-fares available. These fares start at €19 for short journeys like Munich-Salzburg and €39 for longer journeys like Cologne-Vienna. Prices are subject to availability, early booking is recommended.

Booking starts 6 months before travel date for night trains and 3 months before travel date for day trains. International fares are also available on all routes from Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Rail passes

If you’re planning to make several (longer) journeys within Austria the Interrail One Country Pass might be a useful purchase. Prices start at € 146 for second class and € 195 in first class for 3 flexible days in a month, there are also passes available for 4, 5, 6 or 8 days in a month. Seat reservation is not compulsory, but can be useful on long distances or busy days. Booking can be made on top of this page by selecting "Passes".

If you're from abroad (not a resident of Europe), please look for Eurail instead of Interrail.

How to travel by train to Austria

Due to the central location in Europe, Austria is easy to travel to from all surrounding countries. Vienna is, besides Budapest and Prague, one of the turntables for train traffic in central Europe. 

Travel to Vienna from €29
Modern and comfortable Railjet trains operate from Budapest, Prague, Munich and Zürich to Vienna, all connections run every 2 hours. German ICE high-speed-trains run every 2 hours from Nürnberg and Frankfurt to Vienna. There are also daily EuroCity-train available from Venice, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade. 

Regional trains run every hour to the Slovakian capital Bratislava. EuroNight-services operate every day from Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Zürich, Rome, Venice, Bucharest, Krakow, Prague and Warsaw. There is also a weekly night connection from Moscow and St Petersburg.


euronight table


Insider tip: Travel by EuroNight from Vienna to Rome:

The Austrian railways run one of the least remaining night services in Europe. The trains consist of 2nd class seating cars with corridor-style compartments, 4 and 6-bedded couchettes and sleeping cars with compartments for 3, 2 and 1 persons.

One of the best sleeping cars of Europe operates in the night train from Vienna to Florence and Rome and back. Book the “De Luxe” compartment and you will get a spacious compartment with your private shower and toilet. A welcome drink and breakfast are included in the price. The compartment also features a double bed, which is unique on board of a train since almost all sleeper compartments have bunk-style beds above each other.


Travel to Salzburg and Linz from €19
The cities of Linz and Salzburg are located on the Westbahn-railway, and are connected with the Railjet, ICE-trains and EuroNight-services  to Germany. There are a few daily EuroCity-services from Frankfurt via Munich and Salzburg to Graz and Klagenfurt. Regional trains run from Munich to Salzburg and to Passau from Germany.




Travel to Innsbruck and Tyrol from €19
The capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck, is connected with 2-hourly EuroCity trains from Munich to Italy (Bolzano-Verona-Venice/Bologna) and Railjet-trains Zürich-Innsbruck-Vienna.  The CityNightLine-trains from Munich to Italy also call here. An daily Intercity connects Innsbruck with Frankfurt and Cologne. Regional trains run from Munich to Innsbruck via Garmisch via the scenic Karwendel-railway. There are also regional trains from Munich to Kufstein, Reutte to Garmisch , Lindau to Bregenz, Brennero to Innsbruck and Fortezza to Lienz.


Travel to Graz and Carinthia from €19
The nice historical city of Graz is connected with daily EuroCity trains to Ljubljana, Zagreb, Munich, Frankfurt and Zürich, also an overnight EuroNight-service to Zürich is available. Klagenfurt is connected with both trains from Munich and to Italy, Villach is also connected with direct trains to Slovenia and Croatia.  Regional trains run from Tarvisio to Villach, Ljubljana to Spielfeld-Strass and from Graz/Wiener Neustadt to Hungary.


Special ski trains to Austria from €79

Special weekly winter sport services operate from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to the Austrian ski regions in Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburger Land. The Austria Express operates a weekly friday-departing, saturday-returning service from Christmas until early March, trains leave from Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Utrecht direct to Innsbruck/Landeck/Kitzbühel and Zell am See. The German Schnee Express connects Hamburg and Cologne with the same destinations on the same dates. In the Dutch February holidays extra services are provided from The Netherlands to Austria by the Krokus Express (daytime train) and Sneeuw Express (sleeper train).


Motorail, take your car on the train to Austria from €69


All services are overnight, arrival is next day. The car travels on the same train as you, sleeping accommodation in sleeper compartments, couchettes and 2nd class seating coaches are available. Single fares for cars start at €89, for motorbikes at €69.

Scenic routes within Austria


Semmeringbahn Graz-Vienna: The first mountain railway of the world, constructed in 1854. UNESCO World Heritage.

Arlbergbahn Innsbruck-Bregenz: Railway through one of the most difficult part of the Alps.

Karwendelbahn Munich-Garmisch Partenkirchen-Innsbruck: Secondary and pittoresque route from Munich to Innsbruck. Wonderful descent into the Inn-Valley.

Giselabahn Wörgl-Swarzach St Veit: Winding railway through Tyrol and the Salzburger Land, passes a lot of famous winter sport resorts like Kitzbühel and Kirchberg.

Tauernbahn: Swarzach St Veit-Villach: Transit route through the Alpes to Villach and Slovenia, runs over the impressive Falkenstein-viaduct.

Brennerbahn Innsbruck-Bolzano: Main route from Munich into Italy, runs via the scenic Brenner pass

Insider tip: Take a meal in the dining car: All Railjet and most EuroCity-services have a full dining car available, in Business and first class it is also possible to order meals at your seat. “Henry am Zug” offers a wide range of Austrian dishes. Order a “Kalbsbutterschnitzel” with a 0,5 liter “Paulaner Weissbier” and a “Beeren-Semmelschmarren” as dessert while the spectacular landscape passes by and the train winds his way through the Alps.

Insider tip: Travel Eurocity “Transalpin” in het panoramic coach: The EuroCity “Transalpin” connects daily Zürich (08.40) with Innsbruck (12.24) and Graz (18.14) and back (Graz 12.40-Innsbruck 15.43-Zürich 19.20). This trains runs from west to east and back through the Alps and uses the scenic Arlbergbahn and Giselabahn. The train conveys a Swiss first class panoramic car with large windows. Sit back, relax and watch the spectacular landscape pass pay. The panoramic coach is accessible with any 1st class ticket, a seat reservation is possible but not compulsory. This train also has a Austrian dining car for a meal.

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