02 February 2019 , 17:02

The second most northern station in Europe: Narvik

The station of Narvik, in Norway is the second northernmost station for passenger trains in Europe.

The rail connection to Narvik was built for the transport of iron ore from Sweden. This is because the sea at the nearest port in Sweden freezes in the winter. The water on the Norwegian coast is less brackish, which means that ships can be berthed and moored there all year round. Today this railway line is still mainly used for freight transport, but next to freight trains there are 2 or 3 passenger trains daily from Narvik to Sweden, together with a night train to Stockholm and one intercity train to Swedish Lapland.

Due to its northern location, this part of Norway is not connected to the Norwegian railway. Who would like to travel further into Norway would have to go by bus to Bodø.  This is about 300 km to the south but the best part is of course the Hurtigruten.