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Rail Map - Scandinavia

Rail Map - Scandinavia

Sweden by train

Travel to Sweden by train
Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe to travel by train. Maybe the most scenic route is from Stockholm by night train to Boden and Abisko and finally to Narvik. You'll fall asleep in an endless Swedish forest and wake up in the surreal landscapes of the northern part of Sweden filled with endlessness, emptiness and some lonely mountains.  

Is the Interrail / Eurail Pass valid in Sweden? 
Yes! Please keep in mind that for some trains a reservation is required.  

Do you offer all train tickets to Sweden? 
Yes, we offer all train tickets - always the best price, no booking fees and e-tickets! 

Which trains run to and in Sweden?
Trains in Sweden are very punctual and comfortable. The X2000, high speed train of the national railways, SJ, runs between all major cities and also on international routes, for example from Oslo to Gothenburg and Stockholm and from Copenhagen to Stockholm

What is the name of the national railways in Sweden? 
The national railway company of Sweden is called "SJ". 


SJ - National Railways Sweden

SJ is the name of the national railways of Sweden. SJ exploits all major lines in Sweden, like Malmo to Gothenburg, Gothenburg to Stockholm and Stockholm to Umea and Abisko. 

The high speed train of SJ is called "X2000". It's a very comfortable train running between all large cities and also to cities across the border, from Stockholm to Oslo and from Stockholm to Copenhagen. 

Other trains in Sweden are Intercity trains, regional trains and night trains. There are night trains from Malmo to Stockholm and from Stockholm to Narvik via Boden and Kiruna - this is an amazing train trip: you fall asleep when the train is driving through an endless forest and you wake up in the endless emptiness of north Sweden. 

Trains in Sweden run punctually and there are multiple trains per day between all destinations.  

SJ doesn't run the private Inlandsbanan, the picknick train through the endless Swedish forests from Gallivare to Mora. 

Travel by X2000


2nd class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Reservation included
  • Bistro coach where drinks, snacks and small meals are available for sale
  • Free wifi for all passangers
  • Power sockets at all seats 

1st class 

  • Comfortable seats with more leg room
  • Reservation included
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Power points at all seats 
  • Free wifi for all passangers
  • Bistro coach where drinks, snacks and small meals are available for sale
  • Free breakfast when departing for 09.00 on Mondays-Fridays and travelling on an exchangable ticket.