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Rail Map - Scandinavia

Rail Map - Scandinavia

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About Finland
Finland has an excellent rail network - there are comfortable Intercity trains running from Turku to Helsinki, international trains from Helsinki to St Petersburg ahigh quality night trains from the south to the north, for example from Turku to Rovaniemi. You can also take your car on these night trains. 

Is the Interrail / Eurail Pass valid in Finland? 
Yes, it is! Please keep in mind that for some trains a seat reservation may be required. 

Do you offer all train tickets to Finland? 
Yes, we offer all train tickets - always the best price, no booking fees and e-tickets! 

Which trains run to and in Finland?
There are frequent daily International train connections to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The major International train connections to Finland are from St. Petersburg, Russia. There are 4 daily direct connections from St. Petersburg to Finland. From Sweden and Estonia it is easy to get to Finland by Viking Line or Stena Line ferries.   

What is the name of the national railways in Finland? 
The national railway company of Finland is called "VR".