Golden Pass Line

Panoramic Train Switzerland

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  • Swiss Travel Pass 100% Discount (seat reservation recommended)
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  • Route: Montreux-Zweisimmen
  • 8 lakes – 6 cantons – 3 mountain passes – 2 language regions
  • Overhight panoramic windows
  • Minibar services on part of the route (Zweisimmen–Montreux)
  • Bistro carriage with warm and cold food in the middle of the train (Lucerne–Interlaken)
  • Find hotels nearby the stations of Montreux and Lucerne

Golden Pass Line - Map

Golden Pass Line - Map

Golden Pass Line - Timetable

Luzern    07.06    09.06 11.06 13.06   15.06
Interlaken 07.00  09.08  09.29  11.00 13.08 15.08 15.29 17.08
Spiez  07.38 09.38  10.12 11.38 13.38 15.38 16.12 17.32
  2111 2115 2217 2119 2123 2127 2229 2131
Zweisim. 08.25 10.25 11.05 12.25 14.25 16.25 17.05 18.25
Montreux  10.13 12.13 13.13 14.13 16.13 18.13 19.13 20.13


  2112 2118 2122 2126 2130
Montreux 07.44 09.44 11.44 13.44 15.44
Zweisim. 09.39 11.39 13.39 15.39 17.39
Spiez  10.33 12.23 14.23 16.23 18.23
Interlaken 11.04 13.04 15.04 17.04 19.04
Luzern 12.55 14.55 16.55 18.55 20.55

Golden Pass Line - Facts

  • Leg: Luzern–Interlaken–Zweisimmen–Montreux
  • Distance: 191 km
  • Duration: 5h 08 min

The GoldenPass Line runs from Lucerne via Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland to Montreux on Lake Geneva. Between Montreux and Zweisimmen there is a carriage in Orient Express style. See our destination page about Switzerland: Switzerland by train

2nd class

  • Comfortable seats in bays of 4 seats, 2x2 seats besides the corridor.
  • Large panoramic windows to enjoy the best views
  • Large tables at each seat
  • Seat reservation possible but not compulsory
  • Bistro coach available between Lucerne and Interlaken 

1st class 

  • Comfortable seats in bays of 4 and 2 seats opposite each other, 2+1 seats besides the corridor
  • Large panoramic windows to enjoy the best views
  • Large tables at each seat
  • More quiet atmosphere than in second class
  • More space at your seat than in second class
  • Seat reservation possible but not compulsory
  • Special VIP Gran Vue-front view seats available on specific Golden Pass-trains between Montreux and Zweisimmen (reservation required)

On the Montreux-Zweisimmen railway a bar/trolley service is available selling drinks and snacks.  A bistro coach is available between Interlaken and Lucerne selling drinks, snacks and meals.

There is no Wifi available onboard the Golden Pass trains.

Power sockets  
There are no power sockets available onboard the Golden Pass trains.

Children up to 15 years travel for free on a Family Card when they travel with their (grand)parents. This Family Card is for sale at any Swiss train station for 30 Swiss Francs. When you're travelling on a Pass of the Swiss Travel System this card is available for free.

Dogs are accepted on the Golden Pass trains. Small dogs in a bag or bench travel for free, larger dogs pay half the adult fare. Dogs have always to be on a leash.

There is no luggage limit onboard the Golden Pass trains. You can place your large suitcases at the special luggage racks near the outside doors and hang your coats at the wardrobe next to it. Off course, its advisable to take your items of high value to your seat.

You can board the train at any time before departure.

Discount cards  
When you're making more train journeys within Switzerland it's advisable to book the Swiss Travel Pass.

Interrail / Eurail 
Interrail and Eurail are valid on the entire route of the Golden Pass line.   

For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fares, see Group travel by train

The Golden Pass line could be a great incentive for your business partners to discuss business in the beatiful settings of the Bernina Railway. See Business travel by train.

At the station
All Golden Pass-stations offer heated waiting rooms for both first and second class passengers. Most stations have a restaurant or shop for refreshments. 

Golden Pass Line / Chocolate Train - Video

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