Gotthard Panorama Express

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  • Swiss Travel Pass: 100% discount (1st class only, reservation required)
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  • Historic Gotthard panoramic route
  • Steamboat Lucerne-Fluelen
  • Fluelen-Bellinzola: many loop tunnels, the church of Wassen can be seen from 3 angles
  • Operates 19 April - 20 October, Tuesday to Sunday
  • Travel duration approximately 5 hours
  • Meals and snacks available aboard the steamboat; snacks on the panorama train

Gotthard Panorama Express - Map

Gotthard Panorama Express - Map

Gotthard Panorama Express - Timetable

Boat  arr dep
Luzern   11.12
Fluelen 13.55  
Fluelen    14.10
Airolo 15.04 15.05
Bellinzola 16.00 16.10
Lugano 16.38  


Train  arr dep
Lugano   09.23
Bellinzona 09.50 09.56
Airolo 10.51 10.52
Fluelen 11.47  
Fluelen   12.00
Luzern 14.47  

Season: Tuesday to Sunday 19 April 2019 - 20 October 2019

Gotthard Panorama Express - Video

Gotthard Panorama Express - Info

The journey starts at Lugano or Bellinzola and takes travelers from the warm south of Switzerland right through the heart of Switzerland over the Alps to the northern part of the country. The train crosses the Gotthard basel tunnel built in 1882.

The route is famous for the many spiralling loop tunnels; these are used to climb the steep mountains. At one point you can see the church of Wassen from three different angles. 

On a steamboat you travel from Fluelen across lake Lucerne to Lucerne. 

Apart from the many sights, passengers enjoy special presentations about history, myths and legends around Gotthard during this historic journey through time. 


Route: Lugano/Bellinzona to Flüelen by train. Flüelen to Lucerne by steamboat. The journey can also be travelled in the opposite direction.
Duration: From Bellinzona to Lucerne between 4h 54 min and 5h 10 min 
From Lugano to Lucerne between 5h 26 min and 5h 36 min

Excursion tips

  • Castles of Bellinzona – UNESCO World Heritage site
  • San Salvatore – local mountain und “Sugarloaf” of Lugano
  • Lake Lugano Cruises 
  • Pilatus – Lucerne’s legendary local mountain 
  • Rigi – the queen of the mountains

New in 2019

Passengers now exclusively travel in 1st class panoramic coaches. No 2nd class will be available on the train. Passengers with a 2nd class ticket need to buy a class upgrade for the train ride. The boat cruise continues to be available in 1st and 2nd class.

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