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  • Jungfrau Travel Pass: 100% discount for almost all routes
  • Swiss Travel Pass: 100% Discount Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen/Wengen/Grindelwald
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  • Operates year-round; departs every 20-60 minutes
  • Route: Interlaken - Wengen/Lauterbrunnen - Kl. Scheidegg - Jungfraujoch
  • Europe’s highest-altitude railway station at 3454 metres
  • At the heart of the UNESCO heritage site “Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch”
  • Over 100 years in service
  • Multiple restaurants at the Jungfraujoch
  • Hotels nearby the stations of Wengen and Interlaken

Jungfraujoch - Map

Jungfraujoch - Map

Jungfraujoch - Swiss Travel Pass

Jungfraujoch - What is included with the Swiss Travel Pass? 

Swiss Travel Pass Consecutive and Flex

  • 100% Discount: Interlaken-Wengen/Lauterbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg  
  • 25% Discount: Kleine Scheidegg-Jungfraujoch

Swiss Half Fare Card

  • 50% Discount: Interlaken-Wengen/Lauterbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg-Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch - Facts

  • Altitude: 3454 MASL
  • Arrival: Via Grindelwald–Kleine Scheidegg or via Lauterbrunnen–Kleine Scheidegg, then by cog railway Kleine Scheidegg–Jungfraujoch (Kl. Scheidegg-Jungfraujoch=very narrow gauge railway)
  • Timetable: Operates year-round 
  • Travel duration to summit: From Interlaken to the Jungfraujoch takes 2h10 one-way
  • Attractions: Nine kilometres of railway track from Kleine Scheidegg, close to 1400 metres in altitude, a little over seven kilometres within the mountain tunnel; Ice Palace, Ice Gateway, Sphinx viewing platform, walks in the eternal snow, Alpine research exhibition in summer. 


The Jungfraujochbahn is the highest railway station in Europe at 3454 metres above sea level. The train station offers wonderful views over the Swiss Alps and the Aletsch Gletscher.

At the station

Trains depart from Interlaken East station. It's possible to make a round trip by travelling to the Jungfraujoch via Lauterbrunnen and Kleine Scheidegg and returning via Kleine Scheidegg and Grindelwald.

2nd class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Big windows to enjoy the magnificent views
  • Only second class available on Jungfraujoch trains 


No catering onboard, there are however restaurants on the Jungfraujoch, Kleine Scheidegg and some other intermediate stations.


Not available.

Power sockets

Not available.


Children up to 15 years travel for free on a Family Card when they travel with their (grand)parents. This Family Card is for sale at any Swiss train station for 30 Swiss Francs. When you're travelling on a Pass of the Swiss Travel System this card is available for free. 


Dogs are accepted on the Jungfraujoch Railway. Small dogs in a bag or bench travel for free, larger dogs pay half the adult fare. Dogs have always to be on a leash. 


Limited luggage space available. There are luggage lockers in Interlaken to store you large luggage so you can travel up the Jungfraujoch light.


You can board the train at any time before departure. 

Discount cards

When you're making more train journeys within Switzerland it's advisable to book the Swiss Travel Pass

Interrail / Eurail

Interrail and Eurail are not valid on the Jungfraujoch. Eurail gives a discount of 25% on the Jungfrau Railways.


For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fares, see Group travel by train


Business travel by train.

Jungfraujoch Region - Popular Routes


Jungfraujoch - Video: Overview

Jungfraujoch - Video: Interlaken-Wengen-Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch - Video: Winter

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