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Rail map Norway and Sweden

Rail map Norway and Sweden

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Norway is one of the most beautiful "rail countries" in the world. Some of the finest lines in the world are located in Norway, like the route from Oslo to Bergen and from Oslo to Trondheim and even further north to Bodo. 

The trains in Norway are very punctual and comfortable, it's a real treat to travel by train through the endless country. 

There are also excellent connections from Oslo to Gothenburg and Stockholm from where you can travel to Copenhagen for example. 

Group tickets

Train fares for groups are generally more affordable than individual tickets. To major destinations of NS International, Deutsche Bahn and SNCF you can book up to 9 persons. For other destinations groupfares start from 6 adults. 



NSB - National railways

NSB is the name of the national railways of Norway and exploits all major line like Oslo-Stavanger, Oslo-Bergen and Oslo-Lillehammer-Trondheim-Bodo. 

The trains of the NSB are very convenient and punctual. 

They do not run the Flam railway from Myrdal (on the Bergen-Oslo line) to Flam.  

Travel by Intercity trains


  • Myrdal (on the Bergen-Oslo line) to Flam 
  • From high in the mountains to sea level in less than 1 hour
  • Very steep railway track
  • Beautiful green valley 
  • Flam is located at the end of the longest fjord in Norway 
  • Flam-Geiringen by boat through a very narrow side fjord 

  • More information and photos

Rauma Railway

  • Andalsness to Dombas on the Oslo-Trondheim line
  • Andalsness is a pretty town with a small fishing harbor
  • Beautiful train ride of 1 hour 
  • High mountains, green valleys 

  • More information and photos

Norway in a Nutshell

  • Rail passes Norway
  • Cheaper than multiple single journey tickets
  • Most popular: Oslo-Myrdal-Flam-Geiringen-Bergen - all the highlights in a nutshell
  • Also passes for the Stavanger area 

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