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Rail Map - Spain & Portugal

Rail Map - Spain & Portugal

Portugal by train

Travel in Portugal by train
Traveling by train Portugal is simply a great way to explore the country. If you travel from Lisbon to Porto it's fast and convenient; if you go from Lisbon to the Algarve you enjoy some magnificent views, and if you travel by regional train in the country side it's like you're far away from everything. 

Is the Interrail / Eurail Pass valid in Portugal? 
Yes, it is! Please keep in mind that for some trains a seat reservation may be required. 

Do you offer all train tickets to Portugal? 
Yes, we offer all train tickets - always the best price, no booking fees and e-tickets! 

Which trains run to and in Portugal?
There are excellent Intercity trains in Portugal. From Lisbon to Madrid runs a daily comfortable night train. In the north you can travel with regional trains to La Coruna.  

What is the name of the national railways in Portugal? 
The national railway company of Portugal is called "CP".