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Train Passes in Europe and Asia

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Rail Passes in Asia, Australia

What is the best train pass?

Decide to buy a pass or point-to-point tickets 

If you want to travel multiple days and each day more than 2 hours in most cases a rail pass is the best option for you - this is especially the case in Switzerland (Swiss Travel Pass) and Great Britain (Britrail) where train tickets can be really expensive (if you book early sometimes very cheap train tickets are available, but this is more of an exception) 

Keep in mind that on most European high speed trains a seat reservation is required with extra costs, see the list of costs of reservations in Europe.

In Switzerland and Great Britain reservations are optional and it's not common to book any, only for long distance trains in the UK reservations are recommended, these are free, and in Switzerland the panoramic Glacier Express and Bernina Express require a seat  reservation with extra costs. 

Start searching now and find all prices and costs for all passes, like the Eurail Global Pass for 1 month. You can order all reservations you need with your rail pass with HappyRail.

Discounts and promotions 

In general rail passes have fixed prices for the whole calendar year, but sometimes special promotions are available, especially in low season. 

Are you a student? You will get a discount on all rail passes! Up to 25 years you get discount rates for the Swiss Travel Pass and Britrail Pass and up to 27 years for Eurail and Interrail.

Rail pass or point-to-point tickets

Rail passes are often the cheapest option if you have multiple travels in Europe, but if you book far ahead and plan your trip carefully, you can find some very cheap train tickets. If you book early you can get cheap train fares, for example from Amsterdam to Paris from 35 euro, Rome to Milan from 9 euro and Paris to Marseille from 29 euro. 

Besides all rail passes you can also book all cheap train tickets in Europe with HappyRail!


Train reservations in Europe

For most high speed trains in Europe seat reservations are mandatory. That means you have to pay extra for seat reservations. 

There are "pass-friendly" countries where reservations are often not necessary, like Switzerland, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, and "pass-unfriendly" countries where reservations are almost always mandatory like France, Spain and Italy. 

Please note that reservations for pass holders are limited available and can be sold out, especially in high season.

We can help you with all reservations. Please contact us if you need any support!