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How to buy cheap railpasses? 

In general railpasses have fixed prices for a whole calendar year, but sometimes there are special promotion, especialy in low season; Eurail and Interrail offer for example often sharp discounts on al passes. Also the Swiss Travel Pass has often interesting discounts and promotions. 

Sometimes it's cheaper if you travel with two persons or more. This is the case for most Eurail-passes: if you travel with al least two persons you get a discount for all travelers. You need to travel together at all times. For the Swiss Travel Pass this condition also used to be valid, but this discount is removed a couple of years ago. 

Railpass or point-to-point tickets

It's a misconception that railpasses are always the cheapest option if you have multiple travels in Europe or one of the major European countries likes Italy. If you book early you book very cheap train tickets, for example Amsterdam to Paris from 35 euro, Rome to Milan from 9 euro and Paris to Marseille from 29 euro. 

If you book close to the departure date prices of point-to-point tickets rise sharply and a railpass is often the cheapest solution. 

You can book all cheap train tickets in Europe with HappyRail!

With HappyRail you can add all your separate tickets to the cart and compare the total price with a railpass. 

Railpasses and reservations

For most high speed trains in Europe a seat reservation is mandatory and has extra costs. There are pass-friendly countries where reservations are often not necessary, like Switzerland, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria; and there are pass-"unfriendly" countries like France, Spain and Italy where reservations are almost always mandatory. 

Please note that reservations are limited available and can be sold out, especialy during hig season. We can help you with all reservations. Please contact us if you need any support!

All railpasses in the world

If you wish to travel for multiple days a rail pass is most likely your best choice.  For European rail travel there are Interrail and Eurail Passes. Interrail Passes are for European citizens and Eurail Passes are for non-European citizens. To experience Japan's high-speed rail network buy the Japan Rail Pass. This pass allows you unlimited travel on the Shinkansen "bullet"trains.

If you do not want to travel for multiple days, but just want to buy point-to-point ticket, you can also buy all cheap train tickets with HappyRail!