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Rail Map - Russia

Rail Map - Russia

Russia by train

Travel in Russia by train
Russia has an extensive rail network: you can travel from the deep south to the most northern part and from the far east to the western border. The views are often impressive, although long parts often go through endless forests. The country is huge and in the train you fully realize that: the train trip from Moscow to Vladiswostok takes seven days! 

Is the Interrail / Eurail Pass valid in Russia? 

Do you offer all train tickets to Russia? 
Yes, we offer all train tickets - always the best price, no booking fees and e-tickets! 

Which trains run to and in Russia?
Travel by train through Russia and on the Trans Siberian Railway. You can book trains between St. Petersburg and Moscow on the high speed trains or on the Red Arrow sleeper. There are many possibilities you can choose whether you want to travel third, second and first class or choose to travel on the luxurious Golden Eagle train. For single tickets you can click here to contact us. 

What is the name of the national railways in Russia? 
The national railway company of Russia is called "RZD".