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Rail Map - Spain & Portugal

Rail Map - Spain & Portugal


Renfe, Railways Spain 

Booking horizon 2 months
Trains TGV (Barcelona-Paris), AVE
Tracks 16,026 kilometres
Longest tunnel 28.4 kilometres (Sierra de Guadarrama)
Major stations Barcelona Sants, Madrid Atocha, Sevilla Santa Justa
Major Lines Barcelona-Madrid; Madrid-Seville


Spain by train - Intro

Spain is the European country with the most high speed routes. Frequent and comfortable AVE and Alvia-trains link world-famous cities like Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.

All trains offer comfortable accommodatian for a reasonable price.  Visit interesting historic sites like the Alhambra in Granada, the Blue Mosque in Cordoba or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. 

Renfe - National Railways in Spain

Renfe is the name of the national railways in Spain. Renfe operates on all major lines in Spain, like the high speed rails between Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Cordoba and Seville. 

The total rail network of Renfe is 16,0026 kilometres in length. 10,182 kilomteres are electrified. 

Train travel in Spain

  • High speed trains: Barcelona - Zaragoza - Madrid - Cordoba - Seville
  • Very punctual and frequent trains
  • Comfortable high speeds trains
  • Faster than flying: Barcelona to Madrid and Madrid to Seville!

Train travel:High-speed trainRegional train

Barcelona - Madrid


9hr 20min

Barcelona - Malaga

5hr 30min


Madrid - Malaga

2hr 30min


Madrid - Seville

2hr 30min

16hr 50min

Trains in Spain - Overview

  • Very good high speed rail network, one of the best in Europe
  • Very fast connections and extremely punctual 
  • Comfortable trains 
  • Spacious first class seats, often including drinks and meals
  • Faster than flying: Madrid to Barcelona, Madrid to Seville 

High speed trains: 

  • AVE
    Very comfortable and fast, 300km/h, Barcelona to Madrid / Madrid to Seville 

  • TGV Spain to France (international) 
    Barcelona to Paris, 300km/h 

Regional and Intercity trains: 

  • Alvia / ARCO
    Fast trains from Madrid to Bilbao and San Sebastian 

  • Euromed
    Fast trains from Barcelona to Valencia and Alicante

  • Altaria
    Fast trains from Madrid to southern Spain

  • International trains from Vigo to Porto (Portugal)  

  • Media Distincia
    Regional trains connecting small cities with larger cities

  • FEVE 
    Trains around Bilbao, Gijon, Leon and Santander  

  • Cercanías (suburban trains) 
    Regional trains in Barcelona and Valencia  

Night trains: 

International night trains:

  • InterCités de Nuit:
    Portbou (border Spain / France) – Toulouse – Paris (France)
    Portbou (border Spain / France)  – Montpellier – Nancy – Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
    Portbou (border Spain / France)  – Montpellier – Strasbourg (France)
    Irún (border Spain / France)  – Lourdes – Paris (France) 
    Irún (border Spain / France)  – Bordeaux – Marseille – Nice (France)
    Irún (border Spain / France)  – Toulouse – Lyon – Geneva (Switzerland)

  • Trenhotel:
    Madrid – Lisbon (Portugal)
    Irún (border Spain / France) – Lisbon (Portugal)

Night trains in Spain

  • Trenhotel:
    A Coruna – Barcelona 
    A Coruna – Madrid 



Travel by AVE


Turista class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Power points at each seat
  • Reservation included

Turista Plus Class

  • Reservation included
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • All seats have power points 

Preferente Class

  • Reservation included
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • All seats have power points 
  • Included meal and drinks on Monday to Friday on AVE and EuroMed-services

  • AVE - More info and photos

How to book cheap train tickets to Spain

Cheap train tickets in Spain

For all long-distance services to and in Spain reservations are required. Domestic cheap Promo and Promo+-fares start at €15 each way. With the Mesa-fare you get a table of four yourself for a fixed price. Sales usually opens 3 or 2 months for departure,  depending on the route and type of train. Book early to get the cheapest fares.

For international routes from France there are cheap Essential-fares which start at €59 for Paris-Barcelona or €34 for Perpignan-Barcelona. Sales for these trains open 4 months before departure.  Fares for the night trains from Madrid to Lisbon and Irun/San Sebastian to Lisbon start at €25 for a seat or €45 for a beth in a sleeping car. Reservation is required for all international journeys.

How to travel by train to and in Spain

Train Travel in Spain

From France high-speed TGV services run from Paris to Barcelona, 2 direct services in winter months, 4 direct services in summer months. A daily AVE-service also operates from Toulouse and Lyon to Barcelona.  A daily AVE operates from Marseille to Barcelona and continues to Madrid.  French TGV-trains also operate from Paris to the border town of Irun with connections to San Sebastian and Galicia available. Local trains operate from Port Bou/Cerbere to Barcelona, La Tour de Carol to Barcelona, Canfranc to Zaragoza (with bus service from Pau) and Irun/Hendaye to San Sebastian.

Night trains run from Lisbon in Portugal to Madrid each day. There is also a night train from Lisbon to San Sebastian and Irun/Hendaye on the French border. Two daily Celtra-trains run from Porto in Northern Portugal to Vigo in Galicia.

The main domestic high speed route runs from Barcelona via Madrid to Seville and Malaga. Trains along this route operate every hour or more frequent. From Barcelona there is also a line along the coast to Valencia with trains almost every hour.  Most big cities in Spain are connected by 3 to 6 dailye AVE or Alvia-trains over the ever-expanding high speed network.  For all domestic high-speed services there is a check-in with luggage check at all stations.

Spain Train Pass

The Renfe Spain Pass is available in first and second class for numerous amount of days. It is valid for all trains of Renfe on the rail network of Spain. On all trains (excluding regional trains) it is necessary to make a mandatory seat reservation. With a Spain Pass seat reservation can be made without any extra costs. 


Rail Pass Europe 

  • One pass for all trains in Europe
  • Often cheaper than multiple single-journey tickets
  • Free travel on most panoramic routes
  • Discounts on ferries like Italy-Greece

  • Eurail - More information