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Switzerland by train

The Swiss Railways are the best in Europe, travelling by a panoramic train through Switzerland is a holiday in itsself. Take the world famous Glacier Express from St Moritz to Zermatt over the Albula Railway, Rhine Canyon, Oberalppas to the pittoresque village of Zermatt. Or travel the Bernina Express over the more than 2200 metres high Bernina Pass from Chur into Tirano in Italy.

Many mountain summits are connected by frequent railways or cable cars.  Travel to the Jungfraujoch and enjoy the views over the Aletsch Glacier or take the Gornergrat-Railway from Zermatt and see the Matterhorn at it's best.

Travel by train through Switzerland. Book a rail pass for various days or a single ticket. For Switzerland you can book the Interrail One Country Pass and Eurail One Country Pass. When travelling on a Interrail or Eurail Pass you can make your reservations on Happyrail.com as well. Simply fill in your departure and destination station to book the reservation. For single tickets you can click here to contact us. 


Frequently asked questions

How to book train tickets to and in Switzerland

For TGV-trains from France to Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Basel and Zürich) fares start at €49. Reservation for these trains is compulsory, booking opens 4 months before travel date.

The German Railways offer cheap "Sparpreis Europa"-fares from any station in Germany to many destinations in Switzerland. Prices start at €19 for short journeys like Freiburg-Zürich and €39 for longer trips like Berlin-Zermatt. Tickets are for sale starting 3 months before departure. Reservation is not included, but can be made optional for €4,50 p.p.

From Austria and for domestic journeys fares are priced per kilometre. Within Switzerland a single ticket can be quite expensive, a travel pass of the Swiss Travel System can be a good choice for domestic trips. Seat reservation for Railjet/EuroCity-trains and domestic Swiss Intercity trains is optional for €4,50. For domestic journeys this isn't quite neccasery, but for international journeys or on busy travel days it's recommended to buy a reservation.

How to travel by train to and in Switzerland

From France connections are offered by TGV Lyria, a co-operation of SNCF and Swiss Federal Railways SBB. Four TGV’s connect Paris and Basel (travel time 3h4min), of which one continues to Bern and three to Zürich. The Swiss city of Lausanne is connected with 5 daily TGV’s (3h40min), Geneve is being served by 8 TGV’s daily from Paris, travel time is 3h10min.

From Germany frequent ICE/EuroCity-trains run from Frankfurt and Karlsruhe to Basel and Zürich/Bern. A couple of these trains start in Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam and continue to Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland and Chur in Grisons. A two-hourly Intercity connects the cities of Stuttgart and Zürich, four daily EuroCitys run from Munich to Zürich. CityNightLine night trains run from Amsterdam, Hamburg and Prague to Basel and Zürich. 

Austrian RailJet-trains run every 2 hour from Vienna, Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck to Zürich. A daily EuroCity connects the Austrian city of Graz with Zürich via Zell am See and Innsbruck. Daily EuroNight-trains operate from Vienna, Budapest and Zagreb to Zürich. 

Italy  is connected by daily EuroCity-services from Milan to Geneve (2 times daily), Basel-Bern (4 times daily), Basel-Lucerne (1 time daily) and Zürich (6 times daily). Regional trains operate frequent from Domodossola to Brig and Como and Milan to Lugano. The scenic Bernina Railway runs from Chur and St Moritz to Tirano every hour with connections to Milan. The Centovalli-Railway from Domodossola to Locarno is also very scenic.

Domestic Swiss trains run frequent and are the most punctual within Europe. Trains between the largest cities run every 30 minutes with connections every hour available to virtually any town or village. The bright-yellow postal buses run up to nearly every valley in the county.  Many summits and remote mountain settlements are connected by cable cars or rack railways. The coördination of public transport in Switzerland is unique in Europe. Waiting times between trains are short and easy, the connecting bus or train will wait in case of a delay.


Switzerland - Scenic trains

Special scenic trains run through the Alps.  Buy special train tickets for tourists in Switzerland with HappyRail! The Glacier Express connects St Moritz in Grisons with Zermatt in Valais via the Albula-railway, Rhine-Canyon and Oberalppas. The Bernina Express runs from Chur in Grisons over the Albula and Bernina Railway to Tirano in Italy and is listed as one of the prettiest routes in the world. The GoldenPass Line runs from Lucerne via Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland to Montreux on Lake Geneva. 

Interrail One Country Pass

A European Rail Pass for European citizens...

With a Interrail One Country Pass Switzerland you can travel for a various days throughout Switzerland. At Happyrail.com you can make your seat reservations on the trains as well. This is possible to do before your travels and during your travels.  

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Swiss Travel Pass

With a Swiss Travel Pass you can travel throughout Switzerland. This pass is valid on nearly all trains, cable cars, busses and boats. On some mountain tracks and on the panoramic trains it is necessary to make a reservation. On the Swiss Travel Pass you can also visit many museums. There is a Swiss Travel Pass which is continuous, but you can also choose for more flexibility by buying a Swiss Travel Flex Pass. 

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Group tickets

Train fares for groups are generally more affordable than individual tickets. To major destinations of NS International, Deutsche Bahn and SNCF you can book up to 9 persons. For other destinations groupfares start from 6 adults. 

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Pet reservations

Take your pet with you on holiday! Large pets travel on their own ticket. For smaller pets you can carry them in a travel bag. All enquiries for taking your pet on holiday by train you can click here to contact us. 



In most trains there is a place designed for wheelchairs. When travelling there is a possibility to arrange a help service when hopping-on and hopping-off the train. For enquiries you can click here to contact us. Please let us know the size of the wheelchair and your travel wishes. 



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