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The Netherlands by train

Travel by train to Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. Visit its famous canals and museums in the historic city center. Amsterdam Central has a wonderful location direct at the city center, the canal boats start right before the station. Or visit pittoresque cities like Utrecht, Leiden or Delft. Rotterdam is an upcoming destination with great architecture. 

To see the tulip fields, take the train from Haarlem to Leiden in April or May. The Keukenhof Gardens are easy reachable by bus from Leiden or Schiphol Airport station. For little village of Giethoorn take the train to Steenwijk and continue by bus. Or visit the city of Groningen in the northern part of the country or Maastricht in the southern province of Limburg.

Travel by train through the Netherlands. Book a rail pass for various days or a single ticket. For the Netherlands you can book the Interrail One Country Pass and Eurail One Country Pass. When travelling on a Interrail or Eurail Pass you can make your reservations on as well. Simply fill in your departure and destination station to book the reservation. For single tickets you can click here to contact us. 

How to book train tickets to the Netherlands

Thalys tickets to Amsterdam by Thalys start at €35 from Paris or €19 from Lille and Brussels. Intercity and local trains run from Belgium (Brussels/Antwerp/Liege) to the Netherlands every hour. The tickets for these trains are valid on any train on the chosen day of travel, no seat reservation is needed.

From Germany there are cheap "Sparpreis Europa"-fares available. These tickets are bookable to any Dutch station. Fares start at €19 for trips like Cologne-Amsterdam or €39 for Berlin-Rotterdam. Seat reservation is possible for €4,50 extra, but not compulsory.

How to travel by train to the Netherlands

High speed Thalys-services run from Paris, Brussels and Lille to Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam about 12 times each day. Reservation for this service is compulsory, book early to get the cheapest fares. This service is supplemented by an Intercity service which runs every hour from Brussels and Antwerp to Rotterdam, The Hague, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam. The tickets for this service are cheaper (especially on short notice), but this train is also slower.  Local services run from Liege to Maastricht and Antwerp to Roosendaal.

The German ICE train runs from Frankfurt/Basel and Cologne to Arnhem, Utrecht and Amsterdam about 6 to 7 times daily. An CityNightLine night train runs from Munich and Zürich to Amsterdam each day. Berlin and Amsterdam are connected by Intercity service via Hannover, Hengelo and Amersfoort. Local services run from Leer to Groningen, Dortmund/Münster to Enschede, Düsseldorf to Venlo and Aachen to Heerlen. The German "Sparpreis Europa"-offer is valid on selected long-distance trains, book early to get the cheapest prices. All long distance Intercitys and ICE's have a Bistro-coach available.

Domestic Dutch trains operate very frequent, at least every 60 minuts, every 30 minutes is more common and between the big cities even every 15 minutes. Reservation for domestic journeys is not possible, you can just hop on the train which suits you. About 80 Dutch stations are fenced with automatic gates, every ticket booked through Happyrail is supplied with a barcode which enables you to open these gates.

Interrail One Country Pass

A European Rail Pass for European citizens...

With a Interrail One Country Pass Benelux you can travel for a various days throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. At you can make your seat reservations on the trains as well. This is possible to do before your travels and during your travels.  

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Eurail One Country Pass 

A European Rail Pass for non-European citizens...

With a Eurail One Country Pass Benelux you can travel for a various days throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. At you can make your seat reservations on the trains as well. This is possible to do before your travels and during your travels.  

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Group tickets

Train fares for groups are generally more affordable than individual tickets. To major destinations of NS International, Deutsche Bahn and SNCF you can book up to 9 persons. For other destinations groupfares start from 6 adults. 

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Pet reservations

Take your pet with you on holiday! Large pets travel on their own ticket. For smaller pets you can carry them in a travel bag. All enquiries for taking your pet on holiday by train you can click here to contact us.  



In most trains there is a place designed for wheelchairs. When travelling there is a possibility to arrange a help service when hopping-on and hopping-off the train. For enquiries you can click here to contact us. Please let us know the size of the wheelchair and your travel wishes. 



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