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Thello runs both night and day train services from France to Italy and vice versa. The night services depart from Paris and go into Italy v.v. and the day services run from Marseille to Milan v.v.


2nd class (day train)

  • Comfortable seats
  • Power sockets at each seat
  • Reservation included

1st class (day train)

  • Reservation included
  • Comfortable seats
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • All seats have power sockets

Premium sleeper cabins

  • Beds with sheets, pillow and a duvet
  • Private bathroom including sink, shower and WC
  • Travel kit with toiletries, slippers
  • Bottle of water, a welcome drink and a breakfast. The latter is served in the dining car

Economy sleeper cabins

  • Beds with sheets, pillow and a duvet
  • Wash basin in room
  • Travel kit with toiletries, slippers
  • Bottle of water, a welcome drink and a breakfast. The latter is served in the dining car

Couchette compartment

  • 4 or 6 berths
  • Berts equipped with a bedding kit
  • Bottle of water
  • Lavatories and sinks in the hall
  • Temperature controlled per compartment


Restaurant on board of each Thello train set.


Not available.

Power sockets  

In every sleeper compartment.


Children up to 3 years travel for free if they don't need their own place.


Pets under 5 kg travel free of charge and without reservation in the limit of one animal per passenger.

However, they must travel in a bag, basket or cage of standard size. Considered as an item of luggage, the bag, basket or cage forms part of the authorized baggage allowance.

For everyone’s well being, please check with the other passengers that the presence of your pet does not bother them. Should a passenger refuse the presence of the pet, the crew manager will have to accomodate you in another place.

Large dogs (between 5 and 50 kg) are allowed to travel on board on the following conditions:

  • The passenger should travel in a cabin for his exclusive use or shared with family or friends. (If you are traveling alone, you have to book a single bed cabin. If you are traveling together with 1 or 2 persons you should book respectively a double cabin or a 3 bed cabin). Maximum one dog per cabin.
  • An additionnal fee of 50 € is to be paid to the crew exclusively on board (by credit card or in cash) whatever the journey.
  • Dogs are traveling under the full responsibility of their masters, who ensure that the dog won’t bother the other passengers. The owner of the dog will also be required to compensate any damage caused by their dog.
  • The dog should always be leashed and muzzled when leaving the cabin, boarding or unboarding the train.
  • During the journey, the animal should not be left alone in the cabin.
  • For the well-being of all the passengers, dogs should rarely leave the cabin.
  • Before traveling with a large dog, it is strongly recommended to inform Thello.


You can take 2 standard size suitcases measuring less than 160cm, including pouches, wheels and grisps and a handluggage. You must be able to carry your luggage alone. Transportation of additional luggage is possible subject to available space on board, in the limit of 2 extra pieces per passenger and upon payment on board of an extra luggage fee of € 40,- per piece.

Place your luggage in the luggage rackets in the couchette or sleeper cabin. On the floor without obstructing the passenger or crew circulation on board. In Thello day trains, place the luggage in the luggage rackets above the seats.


Ticket inspections are made before entering the platforms on the main stations. In some stations ticket inspections are made on board of the train.

Discount cards

International discount cards dont give a discount on Thello-services.

Interrail / Eurail 

Interrail and Eurail are not accepted on all Thello-services. 


For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fare, see Group travel by train.


The First class onboard Thello-trains offers a comfortable and quiet working sphere. More information:  Business travel by train

Rail Map - Europe

Rail Map - Europe