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High speed trains - Overview

Train travel in Europe

Europe has an extensive rail network. Between all major cities there is a very good train connections, often a high speed train. From Paris to Amsterdam, Madrid to Barcelona and Florence to Rome, travelling by train is faster than flying. 

High speed trains 

Intercity / Regional Trains - Overview

Regional and Intercity trains

  • Intercity train
    Long distance trains in all European countries, relative fast, few stops, Amsterdam to BerlinBerlin to PragueAmsterdam to Bruges 

  • Railjet / Austria
    Long distance trains, relative fast, few stops, Vienna to Munich

  • Sprinter / The Netherlands
    Regional trains between small cities / villages and major cities, many stops, relative slow, Schiphol to Amsterdam

  • TER / France
    Regional trains between small cities / villages and major cities, many stops, relative slow

  • RegioExpress / Germany, Switzerland
    Regional trains between small cities / villages and major cities, many stops, relative slow

  • S Bahn / Germany, Austria
    Suburban trains in lare cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna 

Trains operators - Overview

National railways and private rail operators

Each European country has one national railway like Deutsche Bahn in Germany or SNCF in France. Some countries have besides the national carrier other private rail operators, like Italo in Italy or Ariiva in The Netherlands (Arriva is owned by Deutsche Bahn) 

Exception: Switzerland and Great Britain

Two big exceptions in Europe are Switzerland and the UK where multiple carriers operate.

In Switzerland the SBB, the main rail operator, is responsible for all major lines between the big cities, it's the main operator, but important routes like the Glacier Express or Bernina Express are run by other railways. 

In the UK there isn't one main rail operator, but over 30 companies run the whole British rail system. The most well known are Virgin Trains, running trains from London to Manchester and Edinburgh and Great Western Railway which operates the lines from London to Exeter, Bath, Cardiff and Cornwall. 

Scenic trains - Interactive map

Night trains - Overview

Night trains in Europe: 

  • ÖBB Nightjet
    Night-train services run by Austrian state railways OBB between the most important cities in Central Europe and Italy

  • Caledonian Sleeper
    Famous night train that runs between London Euston and all major destinations in Scotland like Edinburgh, Inverness and Fort William

  • Intercité Nuit
    Night-train service from Paris to Toulouse, in the south of France, direction of the the Pyrenees, Rodez in the Auvergne

  • Intercity Notte
    Travel between Italian cities while sleeping on board these comfortable services

  • EuroNight
    Night-train services between the most important cities in Central Europe and Scandinavia

Night trains - Interactive map