Train reservations

Swiss Travel Pass

Free Seating

For almost all Swiss trains it's not necessary to book a seat reservation, even when it's possible. Reservations for domestic Intercity-, EuroCity- and ICE-trains can be ordered in advance and cost €4,50 p.p, but it's not common: most domestic travelers are used to just get into the train and pick a free seat. Even at rush hour it's usually no issue to find a free seat.

Compulsory reservations

For some panorama routes seat reservations are compulsary or highly recommended.

Reservations are compulsory for the panoramic Glacier Express (ca. €31) and Bernina Express (ca. €13). You can order the reservations yourself through the site of DB Bahn or send us a request and we do it for you 

Reservations are not compulsory but recommended for the Golden Pass-train from Montreux to Zweisimmen and Interlaken to Lucerne (ca. €5 per train).