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Regional and local trains in France. Second class available on all routes, first class on longer distances. No reservation required. Bikes are taken free of charge.

2nd class

  • Comfortable seats

1st class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Quiet atmosphere


Not available.


Not available.

Power sockets

Available on routes operated by new trains.


Special compartments for familys and for parents with babies and toddlers. Children up to 11 years travel for half price.


Dogs are taken as long they are on a leash and wear a muzzle. Dogs carried in a bench or bag travel for free, large dogs pay half the fare of an adult.


No luggage limit on board of TER-trains. Small luggage can be stowed in the overhead luggage racks or under your seat, for larger cases there are luggage racks in the compartments and near the outside doors. 


No check-in needed, you can turn up at the station and board the train at any time before departure. 

Discount cards

The Raiplus gives 25% discount over the full fare if you use a TER-train as part of an international journey.

Interrail / Eurail 

Interrail and Eurail are accepted on all TER-services without supplement. Seat reservation is not possible.


For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fare, see Group travel by train


The first class onboard TER-trains offers a comfortable and quiet working sphere.  More information:  Business travel by train.

At the station

For all passengers waiting rooms and restaurants are located within most stations. The train number, destination and time of departure will be published at screens at the stations. The platform will be announced around 30 minutes for departure but always keep a look at the screens or listen to the announcements for any changes.

France by train - Train tickets & info

Tips and tricks to book cheap train tickets France

  • Book as early as possible, tickets are available three months in advance (tickets for the summer can be booked from February) Train tickets can be three times as cheap if they are booked in advance

  • If possible, avoid trains during rush hour and TGV's used by Parisians for "weekend breaks" to travel to the country side

  • If tickets are sold out or very expensive, you could try to buy tickets to a destination nearby and from there to your final destination

  • Sometimes regionals trains are much cheaper than TGV-trains, but often the travel time is much longer

  • Travel on very early trains or late in the evening is often the cheapest option, except for some busy routes, like Paris to London

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Rail Map - France

Rail Map - France