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X2000 - Info


The high speed tilting X2000 runs between the major Swedish cities of Göteborg, Malmö and Stockholm. X2000-trains also run to Copenhagen in Denmark and Oslo in Norway. 



2nd class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Reservation included
  • Bistro coach where drinks, snacks and small meals are available for sale
  • Free wifi for all passangers
  • Power sockets at all seats 

1st class 

  • Comfortable seats with more leg room
  • Reservation included
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Power points at all seats 
  • Free wifi for all passangers
  • Bistro coach where drinks, snacks and small meals are available for sale
  • Free breakfast when departing for 09.00 on Mondays-Fridays and travelling on an exchangable ticket.


For all passengers there is a Bistro-coach available on each X2000-service selling drinks, warm and cold dishes and snacks. 


Free wifi available for all passangers.

Power sockets  

Power sockets available for all passangers.


Children up to 3 years travel for free when they don't need an own seat. Children from 4 to 14 years travel for free when accompanied by their (grand)parents.


Dogs are allowed only in the special animal zones. Dogs are taken for free.


No luggage limit. You can place your luggage on the racks near the doors. Smaller bags can be placed in the overhead racks.


There is no boarding limit in Swedish train stations but doors may be closed 2 minutes before departure. When departing from Copenhagen border controls are carries out before boarding the train.

Discount cards  

The Railplus-card gives a discount of 25% of the full fare when the trip with the X2000 is part of an international journey.

Interrail / Eurail 

Passengers with a valid Interrail or Eurail-pass can use the special Pass-fare on X2000-services.  Pass holders pay €7 in second and €16 in first class. For X2000-services departing from Stockholm or Copenhagen a Pass covering Sweden only is valid for travel.


For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fares, see Group travel by train.


The first class offers all the amenities needed for the business traveller to work and relax on board including special departure lounges are available for first class passengers in large cities (Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö). Passanger may also use the DSB-lounge at Copenhagen Central Station. See also Business travel by train.

At the station

Business lounges are available at the major cities. For second class passangers there are waiting rooms available.

Sweden by train - Train tickets & info

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Rail Map - Scandinavia

Rail Map - Scandinavia