12 September 2018 , 15:09

Why the Swiss Travel Pass is worth the money

By train to the top of the Alps?

It’s possible in Switzerland: the country where trains will take you to places other transport won't take you. The best way to discover this beautiful country, is by train with a Swiss Travel pass

A Swiss pass gives you full access to public transport in Switzerland including travel by train, bus and boat. The public transport is free in 75 different towns and cities. This also includes the most beautiful scenic panorama routes, like the Glacier Express, Gotthard Panorama Express, Bernina Express and many more.

Besides that, a Swiss pass gives you free admission to more than 490 museums and 50% discount on most cable cars. Also, in combination with the Swiss Family Card, kids up to 15 years old travel for free! 

Last but not least, the Swiss Travel Pass is very easy to use: just get on board of your train, bus or boat and show your pass to the ticket inspector. There is no need to validate the Swiss Travel Pass in advance. 

A Swiss Travel Pass is often way cheaper than buying multiple single journey tickets. Go to our page to check out our offers.