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Trains that are run by parent company Student Agency which is based in Czech Republic. Cheap train tickets, with a lot of options as they have four classes on board. Catering is available on all services, except for "Low-Cost class". Runs international services from Prague to Vienna and Bratislava. Also trains within Czech Republic. Bicycles are taken on RegioJet when booked in advance and traveling "Low-Cost class".

All classes

  • Wifi for free
  • Bottled water
  • Top-quality refreshments for affordable prices ranging from croissants to sushi (not in Low-Cost class)

Low-Cost class

  • Basic, no thrills low cost travel, journey at the very best price
  • Plush non-adjustable seats
  • Open plan coaches for 80 people
  • Bicycles free of charge, reservation obligatory
  • No catering, no possibility to buy refreshments

Standard class

  • Adjustable leather or plush seats with headrests
  • Coupe (compartment) for six people
  • Italian illy coffee (espresso, latte macchiato, lungo or cappucino)
  • From the trolley: 100% apple juice, american coffee, fresh mint tea
  • Choose to book a children's compartment*:
    • seats numbered 61-66
    • large-area coupe (compartment) with six seats for adults and chairs for children
    • funny pictures, toys, screen with fairy tales and games
  • Or choose to travel in the large, modern ASTRA coach:
    • adjustable seats with built-in multimedia LCD screens
    • modern interior design, impressive combination of wood, glass and stainless steel
    • socket and USB for each seat

Relax class

  • Coach with adjustable leather seats
  • Separate seat option
  • Large tables for work and entertainment
  • Italian illy coffee (espresso, latte macchiato, lungo or cappucino)
  • Fresh mint tea on request

Business class

  • Spacious coupe (compartment) for just four people
  • Comfortable adjustable leather seats with headrests and your own table
  • Power socket for each seat
  • 100% orange juice Rio or Bohemia Sekt Brut
  • Cookies
  • Italian illy coffee (espresso, latte macchiato, lungo or cappucino)
  • Oxalis tea or fresh mint tea on request


All RegioJet-trains have a trolley service (except in Low-Cost class). 


Special compartments for familys and for parents with babies and toddlers. Children up to and including 15 years travel for free with their (grand)parents.


On RegioJet, little animals/pets and little dogs can be transported, but always in a transport box or a bag with solid bottom. The animal has to stay in the box for the whole time.


No luggage limit on board of RegioJet-trains. Small luggage can be stowed in the overhead luggage racks or under your seat, for larger cases there are luggage racks in the compartments and near the outside doors. 


No check-in needed, you can turn up at the station and board the train at any time before departure. 

Interrail / Eurail 

InterRail & Eurail passes are fully valid on RegioJet. The reservation fee is €3,- in Standard class, €5,- in Relax class or €10,- in Business class. To travel Business class, you'll need to have a first class train pass. Given prices are the price per person.


For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fare, see Group travel by train.


The Business class onboard RegioJet-trains offers a comfortable and quiet working sphere.  Every seat has its own table available. More information:  Business travel by train

Rail Map - Europe

Rail Map - Europe