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Rail Map - Eastern Europe & Russia

Czech Republic by train

About Czech Republic
Great country to travel around by train: comfortable Intercity trains bring you from Prague to Brno and further. Trains run in general on time and are a great way to see the different landscapes. 

Is the Interrail / Eurail Pass valid in Czech Republic? 
Yes, it is! Please keep in mind that for some trains a seat reservation may be required. 

Do you offer all train tickets to Czech Republic? 
Yes, we offer all train tickets - always the best price, no booking fees and e-tickets! 

Which trains run to and in Czech Republic?
There are frequent daily International train connections to the capital of Czech Republic, Prague. From Berlin in Germany there are 6 daily direct Eurocity services to Prague. From Dresden there are 5 daily direct trains to Prague. From Munich there are 3 daily direct trains and 3 daily direct busservices. From Warsaw in Poland there are 2 daily daytime trains and 2 daily night train services to Prague. From Budapest and Bratislava there are 7 daily direct Eurocity trains to Prague. From Vienna in Austria there are 6 daily direct Railjet trains to Prague. 

What is the name of the national railways in Czech Republic? 
The national railway company of Czech Republic is called "CD".