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London by train

Visit the capital of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Explore this world famous city and visit attractions like the Tower of London, the London Eye or the Big Ben.

London is easy reachable by Eurostar from mainland Europe. Direct Eurostar-trains run from Brussels, Paris, Lille, Lyon, Avignon and Marseille to Paris. Other cities like Amsterdam, Cologne, Frankfurt, Zürich and Barcelona are also connected with an easy change in Brussels, Paris or Lille. 


How to book train tickets to London

All Eurostar-tickets to London and tickets for connecting services are bookable trough Happyrail. Fill in you departure station above, select date and time of travel and click "Lets Go".

Fares for Eurostar trips from Brussels to London start at €39 only, from Paris to London starts at €56. Tickets for the Marseille-London service start at €80. Tickets are for sale starting 6 months before departure date. The price of tickets depends on the number of seats sold, to get the cheapest tickets you've to book early. 

Through Eurostar-fares are available from any Belgian station starting at €45 and from any Dutch station at €59 (non Thalys). Combination tickets for Thalys+Eurostar for Amsterdam-London start at €75,50. Through fares from Germany start at €69 from any German station to London. 

How to travel by train to London

Travel from Lille and Brussels to London by Eurostar from €39

Up to 10 daily Eurostar-trains connect Brussels (South/Midi-Station) with London in about 2 hours with speeds up to 300 kph. All trains also call in Lille Europe, taking 1 hour and 22 minutes. For both Brussels and Lille there's a check-in (X-Ray) and passport control at the station before boarding the train. The check-in limit for Eurostar is 30 minutes for departure for second class and Standard Premier-passengers and 10 minutes for Business Premier passengers. In London you arrive at the magnificent St Pancras Station central in the city centre.


Travel from Paris to London by Eurostar from €56

About 15 to 17 daily connect Paris and London almost every hour of the day. Most trains run non-stop taking about 2 hours and 30 minutes. For Paris there's a check-in and passport control at Paris Nord Station. The check-in limit for Eurostar is 30 minutes for departure for second class and Standard Premier-passengers and 10 minutes for Business Premier passengers. Eurostar trains from Paris arrive in the London St Pancras-station.




Eurostar also offers a direct service from Disneyland Paris (Marne La Vallee Chessy-station) to London about 3 to 7 times each week (depending on the season). The check-in for this train is at Marne La Vallee-Chessy-station. If there isn't running an Eurostar from Disneyland to London on the date you wish, you can easily take the RER-metro service from Marne La Vallee to Paris Nord station (about 60 minutes) and take a regular Eurostar to London.


Travel from Marseille, Avignon and Lyon to London by Eurostar from €80

A direct Eurostar-services runs from Marseille, Avignon and Lyon to London. This train runs every Monday and Friday from Easter until 31 December. Extra departures run on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the summer months (July and August). The passport and X-Ray check for this service is not at the boarding station in the southern of France but these checks are made during a special stop in Lille Europe which takes about 1 hour. You have to leave and reboard the train here. On the the days this train isn't running connections between southern France are available with changing in Paris or Lille.


Travel from any Belgian station to London from €45

Eurostar offers trough fares from every Belgian station to London. You can travel from any Belgian city like Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges to Brussels and continue by Eurostar to London. Trains from any Belgian station run to Brussels almost every hour or more frequent. Allow enough time in Brussels South station for check-in. You are always allowed to take an earlier train to Brussels. Eurostar trough-fares are not valid on Thalys and ICE-services within Belgium.


Travel from any Dutch station (Amsterdam) to London from €59

An hourly Intercity-service connects the Dutch capital of Amsterdam via Rotterdam and Antwerp with Brussels. In Brussels South/Midi-station its connecting with the Eurostar-service to London. Fares for this connection start at €59 with tickets valid from any Dutch station like Utrecht, Groningen, Arnhem or Enschede. You are allowed to take any Intecity-train to Brussels starting 24 hours before your Eurostar-departure. This fare is not valid on Thalys-services between the Netherlands and Belgium which have a compulsory reservation. Domestic Intercity-Direct services between Amsterdam and Rotterdam can be used without supplement, these tickets are also valid from Maastricht via Liege to Brussels.


Travel from Amsterdam or Rotterdam to London by Thalys+Eurostar from €75,50

Eurostar and Thalys offer trough fares for the route Amsterdam or Rotterdam to London. This is the route with the shortest journey time taking 4 hours and 40 minutes from downtown Amsterdam to central London. Both the Eurostar and Thalys have a compulsory reservation, prices are cheap when you book early. The transfer time of about 45 minutes in Brussels South/Midi-station allows enough time for check-in and passport control.


Travel from Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin or Munich to London from €69

German ICE-services run from Frankfurt and Cologne to Brussels 3 times daily, with Eurostar connections available. From other German cities connections are available with changing trains in Frankfurt or Cologne. Special trough "Sparpreis London"-fares start at €69 for every station in Germany to London. 


Travel from Barcelona, Milan and Zurich to London from €116

Due to high speed rail journeys like from Barcelona, Milan and Zürich to London are possible within one day. Take the high speed TGV from one of these cities to the Paris Gare de Lyon, take the RER-metro to the Gare du Nord and take the Eurostar to London. Always allow enough time for check-in at the Gare du Nord.

London, airport connections

The following rail connections are available to get from the airport into the city center of London:

From Heathrow Airport: 
The Heathrow Express is the fastest connection from Heathrow into London Paddington Station. Trains run up to 4 times each hour with a travel time of about 15 to 20 minuts. The Heathrow Connect-service is a bit slower (about 25 minutes) and runs every 30 minutes, but is cheaper to use. There is also an London Underground-service available from Heathrow to Central London (Piccadilly Line) taking about 60 minutes.

From Gatwick Airport: 
The Gatwick Express runs from Gatwick Airport into London Victoria Station. Journey time is about 30 minutes, trains run every 15 minutes.

From London City Airport: 
London City is connected by Docklands Light Railway to the Tower Hill-station. Services run about every 5 minutes.

From Stansted Airport: 
The Stansted Express runs from Stansted Airport into London Liverpool Street Station and runs every 15 minutes, journey times vary between 45 and 60 minutes. 

From Luton Airport: 
A bus services runs from Luton Airport to Luton Airport Parkway Station. From this station services are available to London St Pancras, taking about 25 minutes. Trains run about every 20 to 30 minutes.

From Southend Airport: 
Trains run from Southend Airport Station to London Liverpool Street Station. 3 trains each hour, travel time about 60 minutes.

Train stations in central London


The following large stations are located within central London. All stations are connected by London Underground and bus routes.

St Pancras (International) Station: 
Eurostar services from/to France and Belgium, Intercity services from/to the Midlands and high-speed services to Kent.

Kings Cross Station: 
Services from/to York, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh over the East Coast Main Line and services to Cambridge.

Liverpool Street Station: 
Services to East-Anglia (Norwich, Colchester), Stansted Express and boat-services to Harwich.

Waterloo Station: 
Services to Surrey and Dorset

Victoria Station: 
Services to Sussex, Kent and Easy Surrey (Dover and Canterbury). Gatwick Express services from/to Gatwick Airport.

Paddington Station: 
Services over the Great Western Railway from/to South-West England and the South of Wales. Trains to Devon and Cornwall (including the Night Riviera Sleeper) and Cardiff/Bristol. Heathrow Express services from/to Heathrow Airport.

Euston Station: 
Services over the West Coast Main Line from/to Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Glasgow. Caledonian Sleeper-services from/to Scotland.

Public transport in London

Public transport information:
Transport for Londen 

Single journeys and Day Travelcards:
Paper single journey tickets are for sale at the ticket windows and ticket machines at every Underground-station, but are expensive with a price of GBP4,90. Also there are Day Travelcards and Weekly Travelcards avaialable.

The OysterCard is the chipcard for the public transport in London. The Oyster Card is available at all ticket windows of the London Underground and at all London train stations. A deposit of GBP5 is payable, you will receive this back upon handing back the OysterCard. You can add value to your OysterCard at every ticket machine or ticket window. 
Travelling with an OysterCard is cheaper then travelling with paper tickets. An single journey within Zone 1 costs GBP2,40 with an OysterCard instead of GBP4,90 with a paper ticket. You always have to touch in and out with your Oyster Card when travelling with the London Underground or DLR. On buses you only have to touch in.

Daily Price-Cap: 
If you're travelling with an Oyster the Daily Price Cap applies. This means that you never pay more than the price for a Day Travelcard you're travelling within. 

Travelling with a contactless debit or credit card: 
If you have a contactless debit or credit card (Visa, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express) you can use it to touch in and out. Please note thay you have to use the same card for mutiple journeys to get the benefit of the Daily Price Cap.

Scenic public transport routes in London:
- Bus route 15(H) between Tower Hill and Trafalger Square. Part of this route is operated by classic Routemaster-buses.

- Bus route 9 (Trafalgar Square-High Street Kensington) and bus route 11 (Victoria Station-St Pauls Cathedral) run along the main sights of London.

- Line RV1 winds his way over the South Bank of the river Thames and passes the Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

- Take the automatic Docklands Light Railway and sit in front to enjoy the views a train driver normally has.

- The Emirates Airline is the cable car between DLR-station Royal Victoria and Underground-Station North Greenwich. Enjoy the magnificent views over the river Thames and downtown London. After 7pm the cable cars run extra slowly so you can enjoy the views. The cable car only costs GBP3,40, payable with an Oyster-card.

- Take the Thames Clipper from North Greenwich to the city of London and enjoy the views from the Thames. You pass the Tower Bridge during this trip. An Oyster Card gives 33% of the fares of the Thames Clipper.

- The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is worth a visit. Depot visits and excursions are organized on a regular interval. 

Recommended hotels near train stations in London

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Luxurious hotel in the magnificent station building of St Pancras Station where the Eurostar arrives.
Hotel JuddDesign hotel in a Greorgian neighbourhood within 10 minutes walking from St Pancras and Kings Cross Station.
Studios2let: Appartments 500 metres away from Kings Cross/St Pancras station
Rose Park HotelComfortable hotel near Paddington Station.


Brussels Midi/South - London St. Pancras International, 2 hours and 55 minutes, direct 
Paris Gare du Nord - London St. Pancras International , 3 hours and 7 minutes, direct 
Lille Europe - London St. Pancras International, 2 hours, direct
Liverpool Lime Street - London Euston, 2 hours and 16 minutes, direct
Manchester Piccadilly - London Euston, 2 hours and 9 minutes, direct
Edinburgh - London Kings Cross, 4 hours and 22 minutes, direct

London St. Pancras International - Rental cars

Car Rental

Do you wish to rent a car during your stay in London? Whether you arrive by train or plane there will be a pick-up location on a short distance from you. Check our reservation system for Rental Cars. 

City Highlights


  • Tower of London 
  • Towerbridge
  • The Shard
  • Houses of the Parliaments
  • London Eye
  • London Dungeons
  • HMS Belfast


  • Regent Street
  • Oxford Street
  • Stratford Westfield
  • Camden Town

Art galleries and museums

  • London Transport Museum
  • Tate Modern
  • British Museum
  • National History Museum

Great places to eat

  • Bricklane
  • Camden Town
  • Covent Garden
  • SOHO China Town


Around the City

From London you can easily catch the train to nearby cities. 

  • London Liverpool Street - Cambridge, 46 minutes, direct
  • London Liverpool Street - Norwich,  1 hour and 53 minutes, direct
  • London Paddington - Oxford, 54 minutes, direct
  • London Paddington - Windsor + Eton River, 54 minutes, direct
  • London Paddington - Bath Spa, 1 hour and 28 minutes, direct
  • London Bridge station - Brighton, 1 hour, direct
  • London Victoria - Brighton, 56 minutes, direct
  • London Euston - Manchester Piccadilly, 2 hours and 8 minutes, direct
  • London Euston - Liverpool Lime Street, 2 hours and 14 minutes, direct


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