Normal Yolcu Trenleri

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Normal Yolcu Trenleri - Info


Normal Yolcu Trenleri are traditional train sets connecting a lot of destinations all over Turkey.



  • Istanbul to Ankara | Ankara to Istanbul
  • Ankara to Eskisehir | Eskisehir to Ankara
  • Erzurum to Istanbul | Istanbul to Erzurum

Standard class

  • Comfortable seats

First Class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Quiet atmosphere


On some train sets a cafe car is attached.


Not available.

Power sockets  

On some train sets at some seats.


Children up to 6 years old travel free of charge provided that no seat is requested.


Small dogs in a cage can be accompanying a passenger as long as it does not offend other passengers. Large dogs aren't allowed on board Turkish trains.


No luggage limit on board. Small luggage can be stowed in the overhead luggage racks or under your seat, for larger cases there are luggage racks in the compartments and near the outside doors. 


Ticket inspections are made before entering the platforms on the main stations. In some stations ticket inspections are made on board of the train.

Discount cards

International discount cards don't give any discount in Turkey.

Interrail / Eurail 

Interrail and Eurail are accepted on all services. Reservation is obligatory and only possible to make in Turkish train stations, not abroad.


For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fare, see Group travel by train.


The First class, where available, offers a comfortable and quiet working sphere. More information: Business travel by train

Destinations - Normal Yolcu Trenleri

Turkey by train - Train Guide & ticket info

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Rail Map - Turkey

Rail Map - Turkey