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Sapsan - Info


High speed service between Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia. 

2nd class

  • Comfortable seats
  • Reservation included
  • Bistro available selling drinks and snacks

1st class 

  • Free wifi
  • Reservation included
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • All seats have power points 
  • Snacks and drinks included in the price


A Bistro service is available selling hot and cold drinks which is open in all trains.


Included in the first class.

Power sockets  

At all seats in first class.


Children up to 11 years can be booked for a special discounted fare, normally half the price of an adult ticket.


Dogs are forbidden in first class. Pets travelling in a bag or cage are allowed in the second class with a maximum of 20 kg. Animals have to be registered at the train station.


Carry-on luggage is permitted with a maximum weight of 36 kg and and not exceeding 200 cm (lengt+width+heigth). Luggage racks are available near the doors and above the seats.


There is a check-in with passport control and luggage X-ray in both Moscow and St Petersburg.


For groups from 6 persons we offer special group fare, see Group travel by train.


The first class onboard Sapsan-trains offers a comfortable and quiet working sphere.  More information: Business travel by train.

Russia by train - Train tickets & info

Russia by train

Travel by train through Russia and on the Trans Siberian Railway. You can book trains between St. Petersburg and Moscow on the high speed trains Sapsan or on the Red Arrow sleeper. There are many possibilities you can choose whether you want to travel third, second and first class or choose to travel on the luxurious Golden Eagle train. For single tickets you can click here to contact us.

Rail Map - Russia

Rail Map - Russia

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